Known for providing an excellent array of services and a family-friendly environment. Whatever your need, our staff will go the extra mile to get it done.

Cove Ridge Marina on Watauga Lake

Beautiful waters is the meaning of Watauga in the Native American language. At Cove Ridge Marina, you can enjoy Watauga Lake's beautiful waters as well as its spectacular surroundings. In business for more than 10 years, Cove Ridge is a private, family-friendly marina with top-notch storage options for your ski-boat, pontoon, sailboat, cabin-cruiser or jet-ski.. Add to this its pristine location in a quiet cove, and you'll easily see why customers keep returning to Cove Ridge Marina.



Beautiful place! My husband Ole and I just bought a cabin here on cove Ridge and would like to bring our boat here and become members. We came by to check out the place and we were very pleased with it and also with the welcoming staff. Wayne went the extra mile for us!


~Elena D. 

Beautiful and extremely well run! Great staff and a restaurant with really good food!

~Arlene S. 


Best marina on Watauga Lake!

~Danny D.